The Veg Box Scheme

If you join our veg box scheme then you will be supporting an ecologically sensitive market garden, thus opting out of unsustainable, planet-killing, large-scale, chemical industrial agriculture.

It has been proven that food grown using our methods has a nutrient density and flavour far surpassing anything you’ll get in the supermarket. We also grow varieties chosen for flavour that you won’t find in supermarkets.

All veg will be delivered to your door soon after it is harvested. We are currently delivering to customers in Wavertree, and Greenbank park areas. We also have a collection hub at 92 Rose lane Bistro (link) and are looking to have more collection hubs for the 2023 season. The contents of our veg boxes/bags will be determined by which veg are ready to harvest on delivery day which means that unfortunately we cannot tailor bags to customers’ particular wishes.

The range of vegetables includes mixed salad leaves, broccoli, cauliflower, onions and spring onions, carrots, courgettes, beetroot, 6 types of tomatoes, French beans, cucumbers, herbs, radish, cabbage, leeks, squash, kohlrabi, peas, broad beans, garlic, kale, rocket and chard. We also offer some fruits – mainly a range of apples. We will be including recipe suggestions in most of our boxes based around the produce we offer.

Our veg box is seasonal, which means that it runs from around May until end of October. We also include recipes in our boxes for inspiration SEE HERE

There are 2 ways you can sign up for our veg boxes;

1) Weekly veg box – Click here

2) Weekly veg box – CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) – Click here